Jin Yoon Board Certified Medical Illustrator

It all started when the August 1997 issue of American Artist arrived in the mailbox. After reading the featured artist article on Tim Phelps, a medical illustrator and a professor of medical illustration, the 15-year old sophomore knew what she wanted to be as a grown up.

Six years later, in 2003, Jin received her BFA in medical illustration from Rochester Institute of Technology. This uniquely niche program integrated science and art, with coursework in surgical observation and a 20-week long cadaver dissection. Since graduation, she has been working in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, creating patient/health care provider education, training and marketing materials. 

With the wide range of anatomical models, print materials and medical trainers she has created, the next visit to your doctor might lend a chance to see one of her creations. You might even get a glimpse of her and her work on the Discovery Health channel.

She has a special interest in simulation training and has created training models for number of medical device companies. Jin has been a professional member of the Association of Medical Illustrators since 2003 and is a board certified medical illustrator.


Medical Illustrators draw what can't be seen, whach what's never been done,

and tell thousands about it without saying a word.
Bill Gramley, Neal Pointer, Bill Winn 1978

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